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DELTOR.Group _THE Agency [Behind ZE|screen]
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meilleur Macbook, ecran Apple et palette graphique pour creation site web
site web Deltor.Group ouvert sur Mac Book et tablette

You will at some point enter a parallel universe governed by "domain", "site", "host", "databases", "backup", "disk space", "server", "security"... and other barbaric names! Let it go and relax, we are lucky to have a genius web developer on the team to manage this complex part in your best interests! The same goes for the maintenance of your website, here again, we know how to be super reactive and intervene as soon as possible. As you will have understood, we control the entire design chain: you express your wishes & needs and we take care of managing the project from A to Z!

A TAILOR-MADE SERVICE, personalized according to your needs by taking charge, for example, of all the technical part relating to this new environment that is the web to allow you time to familiarize yourself at your own pace and so stay focused, EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE

Main dessinant sur une palette graphique avec un stylet

When a consumer is looking for a product or service, his first instinct is to turn to search engines like Google for information. Thus, the first link that appears on the Google search results page generates more than a quarter of the click rate, it is a significant potential traffic to your website, hence the importance of being well referenced. . Our creative work done, we make sure to target the right keywords to position your business well with appropriate titles, page descriptions and products. Your site will thus appear in the natural results - we are talking about SEO.

OUR BUSINESS consists in transposing your activity into words and images and making you visible on the internet thanks to an ergonomic, fast and efficient website. BE READY TO BE SEEN!

T.h.e W.e.b.s.i.t.e "B.u.s.i.n.e.s.s. C.a.r.d" is the simplest version of website. It only presents the information necessary for the visitor to contact your company and its content is limited. __Approximate technical cost: a few hundred Euros T.h.e W.e.b.s.i.t.e W.i.n.d.o.w - as its name suggests - exposes your business to the web. It is made up of several pages to give the visitor practical information about your company: your products, your services, your contact details and some additional functions such as a contact or quote request form, depending on your wishes, there is also a photo gallery, a "news" section, etc... __Approximate technical cost: €1,000 to €5,000 excluding tax. T.h.e W.e.b.s.i.t.e E-c.o.m.m.e.r.c.e is essential to sell your products or services online. The visitor buys a product or service from you directly online. This website showcases your product/service offer with photos, the visitor browses the list of products, adds them to his basket which he validates (or cancels) and finally enters his personal information to proceed to payment. __Approximate technical cost: from €5,000 excluding VAT to several tens of thousands of Euros depending on the size of the project. T.h.e W.e.b.s.i.t.e M.o.b.i.l.e is now an obligation, it comes in addition to your website because more and more connections to the web are made from a smartphone. Your website must be adapted to the small screens of mobile devices. __Approximate technical cost: from €1,000 excluding VAT to several thousand Euros depending on the project. The .a.p.p.l.i.c.a.t.i.o.n W.e.b is a program that runs from your web browser. No need to install software on your workstation, to ensure its maintenance and updates: everything is done from your browser. Plus, the application is accessible from any computer __Approximate technical cost: According to the project T.h.e W.e.b.s.i.t.e C.o.m.m.u.n.u.t.y is a site that gives pride of place to its members and offers many services around communication between Internet users. __Approximate technical cost: several tens of thousands of Euros depending on the project. T.h.e W.e.b.s.i.t.e -o.n. D.e.m.a.n.d is developed "on demand", according to precise specifications for a client with specific needs. __Approximate technical cost: variable depending on the project

YOU are a company, an association, artist? Do you sell products, services, your art? 


Whether your business is a trade, a service offer or an association, having a website is, today, an obligation to prosper. The main reason being that 93% of French people are on the internet for at least 2 hours every day! Your future customers are among them! An attractive website immediately positions you as an expert in your industry. Well thought out, it inspires confidence, imposes respectability and professionalism. You will be present 24/24h and 7/7d online, likely to be discovered at any time by your future customers. With your website, you will generate leads and guarantee the sustainability of your business thanks to the commercial opportunities offered by the Internet.

WE ARE EXPERTS IN OUR SECTOR OF ACTIVITY, to make you known quickly and well, to allow you to accelerate and master your communication. What better tool for that than a  WEBSITE?

It allows you to transmit your values: it is essential and must be carefully thought out to be unique, timeless and easily recognizable. It conveys the image of your company to your future customers. Already have some ideas and/or inspiration? That's great! We will take inspiration from it and design, with you, your visual identity which is built from all the graphic elements allowing you to immediately identify your brand, company or institution such as your name, your logo - or emblem - your tagline*, your colors, your fonts** and your visuals. To create your visual identity, we rely on an in-depth reflection of your brand image, your positioning, the target market and its trends. It will be the basis of your marketing strategy for this we design it clear and easy to remember to attract and retain your future customers. ______________________________ V.o.c.a.b.u.l.a.r.y. : Tagline* _ Also called "Tagline", it is a short punchy phrase that promotes a product, action or idea Typography** _ This is how words and text are formatted; original, identifiable and timeless, it imposes the personality of your brand.

LIKE YOU, we had to work on the image of our company :  the VISUAL IDENTITY

développeur web devant son ordi
Image d’un designer au travail
Image d’un designer au travail
Image d’un designer au travail

__ZE Team [Behind ZE|screen]

exists because one day, WE were YOU!

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